Marbushka was founded by Beatrix and Laszlo, a couple who have great knowledge of design and quality. Once a small publisher and designer of beautiful games in Hungary. Meanwhile they create high quality games that are still designed and produced by themselves. They are made in a workshop in Hungary, everything in-house, so that quality is always in control. The couple now live in the middle of the city of Leiden in the Netherlands.

The philosophy behind the designs is originality, honesty, fairtrade, handmade and playfulness. Their goal is to give a new meaning to children's play and to create a new world in which children and their parents can enjoy and play together.

Marbushka believes that sustainable quality can only be achieved through the use of natural materials and the best craftsmanship. Marbushka stands for a passion for games. They make games that last for many generations and are cherished, not only because of their appearance, but also because of content, craftsmanship and intention.

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