Marbushka Marbushka the forgotten Kingdom

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The forgotten kingdom of Marbushka is about a thriving kingdom where all inhabitants lived together in perfect harmony. Nothing could distract them from the straight path; their wisdom brought eternal peace. Since wizard Khaos' power was fed by stupidity and gullibility, he could not control this kingdom. In his furious rage, he blotted out the history of the perfect kingdom. All photos and stories are gone. He has frozen all the inhabitants' memories in the dark mine in the high mountains.

From 13 years old
2-6 players
Running time 90 minutes
Box size: 32x16 cm
plate: 60x43 cm
figures & cards 8 cm

Content of the game: 1 game board, 54 tiles, 7 figures, 64 cards, 6 scoring pawns, 1 turntable

The game manual can be found on the internet in various languages, including Dutch!
Not yet available in German language!

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