Lepale's shovel is a shovel with a great quality. It has a Swiss design and is produced in Italy. Just regular decent material from Europe. You can dig with the shovel for eternity because it is very strong, you can stand on it and it will not break! You can use the shovel to carry water, put a plant in a pot or in the ground or to empty a bucket. This shovel will amaze you and has endless possibilities to use it for. It is the ideal shovel to use at home or at the beach but professionals also use it. There are two kinds of shovels.

Lepale kids
The shovel for kids has a happy and colourful design and it is indestructible. You can play with it for hours. You can call the shovel a bagger with its ergonomic grip. This scoop helps get the children to dig the way human kind always did. The shovel supports the natural development and motior skills of children. With this innovative tool you can dig, bagger, scoop, lift water, make paths and way more. In contrast to a classic shovel this tool is ideal for transporting different kinds (liquid or solid) of materials. The possibility that you accidentally throw sand in the air or drip water is very small with this kind of shovel. You can also use it for gardening or playing in the snow. It is made with high-quality, sustainable materials As long as you do not lose it, the shovel will last for years.

The functionality of this innovative item makes it easy to use. Even for children with an unstable grip or other issues (visual restrictions, balance issues). The shovel is suitable for right and left handed children. There is a three-year warrantee on these special children shovels.

Lepale profi
Lepale also produced a real shovel for adults. This high-class shovel made out of inox comes in four different shapes. From taking out seeds in the garden to working on heavy and hard soil. The specifications of the four shovels each show what the shovel can be used for. Lepale gives 25 years of warrantee on these shovels. Quality is of great importance.

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