Marbushka Marbushka Glass greenhouse

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In the land of the night fairies where the sun never shines, plants grow in the glass greenhouse. Fireflies take care of the plants by giving them enough light to make them grow. Green Giggle, the naughty cat, likes to chase them to the meadow. The night fairies must save the entangled fireflies and return them safely to the greenhouse in their lanterns. Without Green Giechel causing more problems along the way.

Cooperative game (with competitive option)
Age: 4+ • Playing time: 15 minutes • Players: 2 -4
Contents: 1 game board, 1 turntable, 4 night fairies, 4 lanterns, 1 Green Giggle, 1 greenhouse, 12 fireflies
Goal of the game: bring all fireflies from the meadow back to the greenhouse before Green Giggle breaks all your lanterns.

Read the rules here

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