Crayon Rocks - a natural crayon made of soy to improve pencil grip

“The first drawing tool for children is usually a crayon. That crayon should encourage children to put his fingers around the crayon in a correct pencil grip. A truly good crayon demands very little effort while colouring. The crayon should feel like you are colouring with a paint brush. The crayon has beautiful bright colours and it gives colour to paper very easily. The crayon should help the little fingers to gain strength and competence.”

That beautiful quote from Barbara Lee, Crayon Rocks® developer, sums up the extraordinary aspects of this crayon. Why are Crayon Rocks® so special?

Pencil grip and motor skills
Little children can enjoy drawing and colouring without frustration with Crayon Rocks. The crayon is easy to hold between three fingers and spreads lots of beautiful colours without putting in a lot of effort. This means that children do not have to force power onto their arms, hands and fingers while they are colouring. Moreover: they are designed to strengthen the muscles and the pencil grip of a child in a pleasant way! Crayon Rocks develops fine motor skills and prepare the fingers of a child to hold a real pencil later on. Children and adults who struggle with the pencil grip learn how to develop and stimulate a relaxed grip by using Crayon Rocks. Designed to strengthen the tripod grip muscles, preparing fingers and hands for handwriting.

Sustainable and natural
Crayon rocks are natural soy wax crayons made from soy beans grown in the USA. The soy wax is coloured with mineral pigments. They are durable, vegan and completely non-toxic.

Versatile and practical
Crayon rocks are versatile and compatible for anybody (3-103) who loves to be creative on paper. They barely do not stain on hands and clothing and easy to wash out. Crayon Rocks is suitable for drawing lines, blending colours and creating great swatches of colour. They offer endless creative possibilities. They can also be combined with, for example, water paint or drawing on special surfaces like wood, stone and fabric.

For everyone
Crayon Rocks is especially suitable for children with or without special needs. They are developed by a special needs teacher. Crayon Rocks can be used at home, in day-care, at school, in therapy and ergo therapy, to develop motor skills. They are also used during yoga for children.

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