About ImmenZ

Bram and Sacha are the owners of ImmenZ and have a vast range of  experience in personal growth, education, communication, play, and sensory development. We stand for a better world and lasting relationships with our customers, our suppliers as well as ourselves.

Since 2008 ImmenZ has been providing services to businesses and individual professionals in the field of personal development and education.

Such was the positive response in our first year that in 2009, we began selling toys, games and special products that help contribute to the healthy development of children. We have advised on which available products are the most valuable in this area and began offering Crayon Rocks to therapists, schools and kindergartens.

In 2013 we began to distribute Crayon Rocks® in Europe. Since then we have added further valuable products into our range. Since september 2016 we are European distributor for Natural Earth Paint, a professional eco-friendly and safe paint and facepaint for children and artists made of mother Earth! In 2017 we added Stick-lets, to connect by Open ended play with mother nature. A beautiful STEM product. Since 2017 our range expands monthly with beautiful products that lead to sustainable growth of children and their caregivers.

We endorse a sustainable idea and we love growing every day! Crayon Rocks are increasing in popularity worldwide. Thousands of children enjoy drawing with Crayon Rocks every day!

Our products provide a valuable contribution to children´s development as well as that of the educators in our society. We choose the most suitable products with particular care. In the unlikely event that something is not correct, please feel free to call or email us. We will always try to find a suitable solution!

We supply to many specialty stores in the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe. Would you like to know where the nearest store is? Send us a note and we let you know.

Keywords: sustainable products, discover talent, development, communication, cooperation, growth and quality.

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