Marbushka Marbushka Ed & Wolf boardgame

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Let us introduce you to Ed and his best friend, Wolf. They accidentally invent a magic potion that turns the plants into moving, talking creatures. Ed and Wolf soon discover that their loveable, funny plant friends need special elements: liquid light, flaming water, earthy darkness and the stone of life. Keeping the existence of their new friends in secret, Ed and Wolf sneak out every night to gather these odd ingredients. However, the night is short and the hidden corners of the rooms can only be revealed one by one. Help them in their nighttime quest: find everything the plants need and return to Ed’s room before it is too late…
From this moment on, you can take part in Ed&Wolf’s adventures. This game is more like an escape room: the players have to consider every movement and situation as a puzzle to solve. The goal is to cross the garden, walk through the house, moving from one tile to another, meanwhile you have to spare your Time Cards, collect special ingredients and save as many plants as you can. …and: return to Ed’s room before your Time Cards run out. If you would like to dive into this enchanted world, please visit our website for a more detailed description! Have fun!
Age: 9+
players: 2
Time: 40 minuts

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