Marbushka The Mysterious Library

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The game: The Mysterious Library had a collection of special books. They provided REAL adventures for the readers who became a character of the story. They could train dragons, search for treasures, sail on the Nile, all this for a library fee of a few cents. One day an inventor came to make experiments with the books: Mr Mean did awful destruction with his projector blade. In the damaged books the continuity of the story was broken and the adventures had trapped by them and couldn't return to reality. Your mission is to collect all parts of the destroyed books to set the adventurers free. You also have to disarm those projector blades that Mr. Mean activates one by one in the library to save the build- ing from collapsing by the devastating magical power. The mission can be successful only if you all return to your headquarters without any harm. Every member of your team has a special talent which can help you during the game and if you use these talents skillfully, and in coordination, with each other, your mission will be successful!

An adventurous, cooperative game for ages 8 and up, 2-4 players, duration: 45 minutes

Game contents:

1 game board, 15 ruins, 12 projector blades, 4 books, 5 characters, 64 playing cards

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