Natural Earth Paint Children's Paint

Why choose Natural Earth Paint on a water basis?

We believe that we have the finest paint for (young) children.
We are happy to tell you why!

- Of course
Natural Earth Paint is - as the name says - completely natural. No chemicals, no preservatives. The colors are radiant, warm and very earthy.

- Safe
Natural Earth Paint is completely natural paint: that is safe. Our paint is non-toxic and does not irritate the skin. The paint does not smell chemical and is not: you can not inhale toxic substances.

- Sustainable

Natural Earth Paint is made from dry, mineral pigments that you mix with water. Take a small spoon of pigment powder and a spoon of water and mix easily with your brush! You decide how much you make and plan to use. The rest of the paint cannot - as with regular paint - dry out. Also, the chance that you take a too large amount of paint is much smaller.

- Multifunctional

Natural Earth Paint can be made thick or thin like you wish. For young children you can easily make a nice thick paint for finger painting. Or simply make the paint a bit thinner: this results in a nice watercolor-like paint. If you mix some egg yolk through your paint, you can even create tempera to work on stones and wood outdoors! You can even use it as a face paint.

- Nice to use

With natural water, Natural Earth Paint comes off fingers, arms and faces easily. The use of soap is not necessary! The paint can be easily washed out of clothes by immediately rinsing with lukewarm water or washing at 30 degrees immediately after painting session. Do not let dirty clothes lie too long, then it dries too much. Do not wash at high temperature. The same applies to tables and floors. (Note: the paint is no longer easy to wash off when it is made with egg!) Made too much? Keep the paint in the fridge for up to 2 weeks or freeze it, which will keep it for at least 2 months.

- Quick drying

The paint dries quickly after application on paper, so drawings and paintings do not need to dry for hours. That also saves space, and wet paint drawings never have to be taken home!

- High color quality

With Natural Earth Paint a work is guaranteed to come to life. The paint provides good coverage and high color intensity, the colors are radiant and remain on paper. No dull paintings on the wall!

- Good value for money

For 6 euros per color you make more than 300 ml of paint! There is often only 60 ml in a tube. The price of Natural Earth Paint is ultimately much cheaper and the paint lasts longer, so you do not have to buy new fast. The pigments can be stored for years.

In short: Natural Earth Paint is a wonderful material to work with.
Nice for the wallet and the environment, completely safe. A high quality paint that you like to work with, whether you are a child or an adult!
For other or more specific purposes, Natural Earth Paint also has other product lines: the Face Paint from Natural Earth Paint is a high quality make-up, the Egg Dye is a completely natural vegan paint for eggs and food coloring. For more experienced children and artists there is also a very (professional) oil paint!

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