Crayon Rocks®

"The first drawing tool for a child is usually a crayon. This crayon should encourage the child to use the thumb, first and second finger in a correct pencil grip.
"A really good crayon requires very little effort to draw". Actually the crayon should be like paint. Beautiful bright colors that goes on paper easily will help small fingers to become stronger"
Small children enjoy Crayon Rocks® and do not frustrate them because the crayons are so nice to use. 
Crayon Rocks® are natural soy wax crayons made from soybeans and colored with mineral pigments produced in the US. They are designed to strengthen the pencil grip, and the muscles of a child.
Crayon Rocks are versatile and suitable for everybody (3-103) who like to entrust creativity onto paper and are particularly suitable for young children with and without special needs. They develop fine motor skills and prepare fingers for pen and pencil use.
Crayon Rocks® were developed by a 'special needs' teacher and offer endless creative possibilities.

Crayon Rocks® are very suitable for line work, for blending, and to create of wide large swaths of color. They do not give dirty spots on hands and cloths
CrayonRocks® can be used at home, in child care, in schools and in therapy and occupational therapist use them a lot to develop fine motor skills. They are also used in kinderyoga.

The story about the origin of CrayonRocks®
Barbara Lee has worked for 23 years with children with special needs. She was inspired by Jan Olsen, OTR, and the Handwriting Without Tears program from whom she has learned how important it is to develop a pencil grip at a young age. Future writing skills depends on it. She wanted a tool that could be used by students to develop the fine motor skills and could enjoy. A little boy with a lot of problems with his motor skills inspired her. She discovered that he liked the shape of a crayon as big as CrayonRocks are designed now.

 Crayon Rocks® are manufactured in Hestand Kentucky. The crayons are made in a small factory and are packed by hand in small bagst. The whole community is involved to the process. Barbara Lee is a retired teacher who in a beautiful, peaceful setting makes the crayons in an ecological way from a renewable source. The soybeans come from ecological farmers on top of the hill. 

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