Stick-lets™ EU - because mother nature misses us!

Stick-lets help children, families and adults reconnect with nature with fantasy and open-ended play.

"We believe play is for everyone, not just for kids. We believe toys should have multiple purposes, but ultimately function as learning tools. We believe they should be open-ended, intuitive, forgiving, gender-neutral, and driven by the imagination. We believe a good toy should last a lifetime" Christine Kaziaka, Founder

Stick-lets are flexible, durable, reusable, weather-resistant and safe silicone connectors. Stick-lets are recommended to use from age six and up. However, children from age three and up can already use them as a simple connector between sticks or to build tents indoor or outdoor with sheets and blankets.

In Europe Stick-lets are available in six different and bright colours, each in a different shape and size.
Stick-lets offers six different packages varying from a small starter pack with six stick-lets to our largest set which contains 90 stick-lets, for example for schools.

Stick-lets fit into STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

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