Marbushka De verloren halsketting - samenwerkingsspel

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Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom lived a lovely princess. An evil witch envied her beauty and cursed her with deep, dreamless sleep. The princess’ magical necklace was torn apart and scattered its forty pearls in the garden. It was said the ones who gather the pearls and restore the necklace before the last grain of sand falls in the hourglass, will wake the princess up. The princess slumbers still, and she is waiting for her rescuers to come.

  • Description
  • cooperative game
    from 4 years
    for 1 to 6 players
  • Duration
  • 20 minutes
  • Size
  • box: 21x21 cm
    board: 40x40
    glass beads: 1,5 cm
  • Contents
  • 1 game board
    1 hour glass puzzle
    40 Czech glass beads
    1 colour dice
    1 canvas bag
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