Immenz sells sustainable and ecological products to shops and distributors in Europe. Key words are cooperation, natural products, environmentally friendly, care for the earth and sustainable growth. In Europe, we exclusively distribute Crayon Rocks®, a special soy wax crayon, Natural Earth Paint®, a professional ecological paint for children and fine artists, Stick-lets ™, challenging and open ended play construction material, BubbleLab giant soap bubbles (our own product) and The Loome ™, a 5-in-1 craft tool. We now supply to foreign wholesalers and retailers in more than 24 countries.

We are a distributor of known and unknown brands. It is precisely this last category that allows you to grow along with an innovative and emerging product. You will find cork blocks, real children's tools, cool outdoor toys, ecological and design games, creative materials such as original mosaics, stamps and vegan clay, open ended play (free play) and educational toys. In this way we make healthy and responsible play possible!

Do you have a specialized store in toys, books, games or a special gift shop, concept store or sustainable or ecological store? Request a login code (as a retailer) and order a unique addition to your product range online.

Are you a school, therapist or just someone who wants to give a special gift to a child? Then Google our brands and you can easily find the nearest or online shop.

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