Natural Earth Paint - eco-friendly paint of mother earth

Are you looking for completely natural, high-quality and ergonomic paint?
Natural Earth Paint uses natural colour pigments from the earth amongst other organic ingredients to make safe, sustainable and beautiful paint . Natural Earth Paint supplies different kinds of paint of the highest quality. All paint is made without preservatives, heavy metals, toxic solvents, plastic and binders.

The ingredients of the pigments contain: organic cornstarch, arabic gum and natural earth and mineral pigments. You make the paint yourself by mixing the pigments with water or oil. The paint is suitable for children, adults and professionals. Natural Earth Paint is pure and in addition it is one of the most sustainable kind of paint that is available now.

There are three different kinds of Natural Earth Paint:

Childrens paint
The pigments of this paint should be mixed with water. You can decide yourself how much paint you want to make. Mixed paint can be kept for 2 weeks in a fridge and you can make as much as you need, which makes it economic in use compared to other brands of childrens paint. With the childrens paint you can paint on canvas, paper, wood, stone, fabric, glass and more. You can remove paint out of clothing, tables and other surfaces very easily.

Face paint
This ecological and skin-friendly face paint is of great use for children and adults. The face paint is easy to work with and it is easy removable with water.

Pigments for water paint, oil paint, acrylic and more
With a growing colour collection of this quality paint, artists have the possibility to go ecological. Oil paint of Natural Earth Paint is a very good replacement to the standard chemical and toxic paints of the oil paint industry.

The earth paint powders of Natural Earth Paint garantee quality, vitality and saturation and warm colours to create beautiful contemporary art.


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