Aniwood jigsaw puzzles are made of wood and are, in addition to a puzzle, also a decorative item. It is truly a beautiful work of art when the puzzle is finished and you will also receive a beautiful frame to present the puzzle on.

Aniwood puzzles consist of puzzle pieces in challenging shapes, divided into themes, and animals. This makes every puzzle piece a special moment.

Aniwood shape puzzles currently come in 10 types, each shaped like an animal. Within these 10 options, it is sometimes possible to choose a small, medium or large version.

All puzzles from Aniwood can be placed on the punched profile of the wooden lid, on a printed image or without a background for the more advanced puzzler. Or turn it into a beautiful decoration using the included adhesive film in silhouette or place it in the supplied stand. Each of the pieces of this Aniwood puzzle are unique.

The puzzle is suitable for children from 8 years old, young people and adults, or just starters

- 10 themes, sometimes 3 sizes per theme
- 5 mm thick solid plywood cut puzzle pieces which guarantees high quality. Unlike comparable puzzles in the market extremely high quality due to the 5 mm thickness of the pieces.
- Detailed figures and animals hidden between the pieces.
- Including wooden box with a punched lid with the shape and image of the puzzle, This lid also serves as a display stand to put the puzzle down. - Includes stand to place the lid on
- With supplied sticker that can be stuck on the puzzle, so you can place it as a work of art.
- The puzzle pieces are delivered in a natural jute storage bag in the wooden box.

Find here more detailled information about Aniwood

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