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Piggies live a happy, content life in their beautiful Guinea Pig Palace. They would never leave their cosy place unless you lure them with their favourite treats. Maybe they would join in with you to play. Give it a try! A really fun and also beautiful competitive family game for the youngest children from 3 years old.

Piggily means something like: guinea pig, marmot or pig.
There are many names, but the well-known guinea pig is the most easily cuddly and recognizable for children.

In Marbushka's Piggily, the guinea pigs lead a happy and contented life in their beautiful palace. They don't want to leave unless you entice them with their favorite treats. Maybe they'll join you in a fun game. Give it a try! Competitive game with tactical variations for 2 - 4 players. Purpose of the game: Who can lure his guinea pig out of the palace and bring him back as quickly as possible?

The game also offers 3 additional variations for children between 4 and 6 years old, so the game can be played longer with older children and made more challenging!

Age: 3 years
4 players
Duration: 10 minutes
Find here the game rules in pdf
21 x 21 cm box


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