Marbushka Under the Leaves

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Have you ever heard of the Untouchable Lake? Even the bravest wind dare not raise waves on its dark surface. You have to sail through this strange, mysterious water to reach the Summer Island where you are going to spend the winter. A proper boat should be built, which floats above the water by the means of magic. Use all treasures of the forest to succeed! Where are these treasures? Right there, where this story begins: Under the Leaves.

    • Description
    • from 6 years
      for 2 to 4 players
    • Duration
    • 45 minutes
    • Size
    • box: 21x21 cm
      board: 28x28 cm
      figures: 7 cm
    • Contents
    • 1 game board, 1 cart
      5 boats, 5 characters,
      6 Flox cards, 45 tokens
      8 spyglass, 64 cards

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