Marbushka games BeNeLux & DE

Marbushka offers a beautiful line of handmade board and memory games. They use natural materials like wood, paper, canvas and cardboard to create them. High-quality is applied on these Hungarian games.

These games have everything. A beautiful design in combination with good games with great content. They have competitive but also cooperative games. Their games are suitable from three years and up.

Marbushka only uses natural products like paper (90%FSC), wood and canvas. The goal is to only take natural products in the Marbushka product range. There is a close partnership between the local suppliers to reach this goal. The games are packed in compact boxes and the content fills up the boxes perfectly. To save waste, the boxes are not sealed in plastic.

Marbushka games are locally made in Hungary. The partners, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers are mainly small family businesses. All Marbushka products are made in house under good working conditions.

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