Stick-lets Stick-Lets 18-pieces in a set Dodeka Fort kit to build forts!

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The original Mega Fort Kit has the perfect amount to create a world full of wonder on your next adventure. The Mega Fort Kit includes 18 Stick-lets: (3) Birch Bark White, (3) Grasshopper Green, (3) Huckleberry Blue, (3) Starfish Red, (3) Pardon My Purple, and (3) Monarch Orange.
This Stick-lets set is most popular and great for 1-2 builders. 

INCLUDES 18 connectors in 6 colors, tote bag, pamphlet

age: 3 years and older - Not intended to be put in the mouth or chewed on. Not intended to support weight or suspend from. For example: Stick-lets are not intended for building a tree swing.
Country of origin: United Stated
Publisher: Designed and assembled in the United States by Kazakia Design, LLC
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