BubbleLab BubbleLab Xtra, refill bubblepowder for 10 liters Bubblesop

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BubbleLab Xtra 10 liters is a refill to make extra bubbles. 

If you like to make extra bubbles for a party, or just more play fun outside with friends.

With BubbleLab Xtra, you make 5 or 10 liter extra bubble soap for giant soap bubbles.

A good product to combine with the standard product of BubbleLab with rope and sticks.

Same beautiful colored product. You find the tubes in a box, 2 or 4 depending on choosing 5 or 10 liters refill.


age: 3 years and older
MSRP: € 9,95
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playtime: variabel
number of players: variabel
Type of game: Outdoor game
Country of origin: The Netherlands
Publisher: Het Kleine Avontuur
available languages: English, Germand, Dutch
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