BubbleLab BubbleLab - create giant soap bubbles - set sticks, rope and powder for 5 liters suds

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A beautiful product that inspires parents and children. Everyone, young and old, will be happy making soap bubbles. Especially the BubbleLab bubbles reach out for meters! Educational, cheerful, friendly, inspiring and challenging!

Outdoor play was never so much fun!
Never before it was so easy to get kids outside. BubbleLab ensures that outdoor play is a party. Making Bubbles as big as you can and try to catch them or have fun making experiments.
BubbleLab leads to investigation and discovery play. How to make the biggest bubble?

All the ingredients you need to enjoy your soap balloons comes rolling out of the BubbleLab sleeve.
In the tube are tiny bags with powder and with this powder you brew your own Bubblesop!

With 2 bags filled with bubble powder, sticks and rope you make yourself very easily 5 liters of sud and you are able to tie a nice bubble stick to spend hours making giant bubbles.

Sparkling colors ensure everyone is watching you playing. Within no time children in the neighborhood will follow you and make your audience.

Mix yourself
Mix this powder with water and a detergent (no lemon and be aware you use the right detergent) and you have five liters of sud to have hours of fun.
In the Netherlands, we recommend using in the manual for the best result for a bottle of Dreft. Mix the powder together with a dishwashing soap and you have five liters of sud to play for minimum 4 hours.

With the rope and sticks you knot your own bubble stick and then you can make metres of bubbles bigger than yourself.

Manual inside in 4 languages: NL - DE- EN - FR

Download a printable version: NL DE FR EN

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