BubbleLab BubbleLab Party Fun edition - 3 sets sticks and bubblepowder for 15 liter suds

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We're so surprised to see how many children, youngsters and (grand)parents like BubbleLab. Also in schools teachers have a great tool to make fun, wonder and cooperation.

A great product for young and old and it will certainly be played extensively from March to November. Because meters of soap bubbles are made during children's parties, weddings, just on wednesday afternoon, sunday morning and sunday evening. At night, during winter and autumn, in spring and summer, at the beach, at school and in sports!

Everyone wants to make bubbles and make them giant! Catch them, follow them, wonder them, and be amazed. Make a big adventure of outdoorplay. Bubble Lab is endless fun!

Enjoy the Party Fun if you need more soap and Bubble sticks!

6 sticks and 3 ropes to make 3 Bubble sticks
6 bags of powder to make 15 liters of Bubble soap!
1 manual in 4 languages NL-DE-FR-EN


Download a printable version: NL DE FR EN
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