Crayon Rocks Thirty-two (32) crayons of soywax in spring, summer, autumn and winter colors in a cotton muslin bag

Article number: CR.CMU.32
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The existing 16 colors (8 pastels and primary colors 8) were extended end of 2015 with a further 16 colors, in autumn and winter colours
In this pouch with 32 crayons you will find colors that you can make very beautiful drawings of people, because of the unique hair, eye, and skin color.

Crayon Rocks really go very durable.
Soy wax is known to be a soft wax, making them easily deliver color to paper and fabric.

Crayon Rocks are originally created for children to develop the pen grip. The crayons as simple as that every child wants to use them immediately precisely because they do not unduly burden the muscles of the child's hand.

Package size 185 (H) x 80 (W) x 37 mm    weight: 200 gram

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