Natural Earth Paint Natural Copper Mica Pigments

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This Mica is from high quality, a great copper powder which you can use in many different ways. The fine copper powder provides a beautiful layer of shine on your work of art and it is true to color.

These pigments should be mixed with walnut oil as well to create a natural and ecological oilpaint without toxics which you can breathe in.
You can also combine it with lots of other materials. Such as acrylics, oil, waterpaint, gouache, lime, pastel, plaster, clay, etcetera.

It is recommended to see how color works out for you, to experience first with small amounts

Be careful with use; avoid breathing the dust.
Contains ca 85 gram powder
All of our pigments are sustainably sourced and harvested from generations old, family-owner quarries in France and Italy. Workers have great working conditions and wages.

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