Blockwallah wooden block stamps

Please note: All BlockWallah stamps, all Natural Earth Paint art supplies (except children's paint and face paint) and all The Wild Hearts Clay and are shipped separately from another warehouse. If you also have other items, you will receive 2 packages. You only pay shipping costs once


Blockwallah is a Finnish-Indian family company that works directly with rural Indian artisans and empowers impoverished women. Blockwallah is run by Laura, a Finn living in India, and her Indian husband. The art of block-printing goes back over a thousand years, practiced by traditional artisans across the country. Blockwallah stamps are hand carved on sustainable Shesham wood. Blockwallah strongly believes in ethical work practices as well as dignity of labor. They feel that a business must benefit everybody involved as well as make a difference to the society we live in.

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