Lepale Lepale shovel for kids yellow

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The Lepale shovel is a quality scoop. Swiss design, Italian production!

With this innovative tool you can dig, carry, paddle, smooth, create paths for marbles, toys cars, and much more.

Unlike a classic pallet, this is more capable, thus facilitating transport of material, solids and liquids. The child, once loaded his Lepale Kids, can focus on movements without losing its content. The functionality of this innovative item makes it easy to use even for children with unstable grip or other difficulties (visual disturbance, balance disturbances). It is also suitable for use by left handed people.

A shovel, a scoop and a bagger all in one. The tray is perfectly attached to the handle that has an ergonomic grip. Traditionally digging by hands is grap materials towards you. Just the way your hands are meant to use. And with this shovel you can take everything out of a container, you can transfer water, scrape, and get into the most remote corners. The chance that you get a sandstorm, while digging is small. You can also use it for kitchen gardening and in the snow.

Lepale has also developed a real scoop for adults that will soon be available here.

Made of high quality durable materials. And just look how well thought-out the shovel is with the handle. As long as you do not lose it, this scoop will last for years.

3 year warranty!

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