Natural Earth Paint Eco-friendly Gesso - completely natural, no toxins

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We’re very excited to introduce the world’s first eco-friendly and vegan gesso for artists. Our naturally non-toxic, gesso is a professional, archival-quality kit that is perfect for earth and health-conscious artists.

This Kit Contains:

  • 907 gr. of premium, artist-grade powdered limestone 
  • Two packets of methyl cellulose glue:  a natural, plant-based glue (ca 1,8 gram)
  • mixing instructions

The full kit makes 1,5 liter Gesso, which is enough to prime about 10-15 medium-sized canvases.

Directions:  Mix as much gesso as needed for each session. Once mixed, store in an airtight container at room temp. Shelf-life is 2-3 months.

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