Loome The Loome Display incl. 20 PomPom trimmer

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Loome sells well if you put down a display. The type and the possibilities are stated thereon.

Moreover, you get 1 piece for free and the display for free.

The new design for your pom pom pro-skill...the first ever Loome Pom Pom Trim Guide (PPTG) that does double duty. First, the PPTG help you fast-track your pom pom trimming. Second, the notches allow you to make an awesome 7-strand Japanese Kumihimo cord.

You can count on the design tools that are practical, multi-function and get you crafting! If you're a pom pom maker, this is your must-have doodad for your toolkit.

How-To Loome: watch the instructional video for the Loome Pom Pom Trim Guide and the Kumihimo cord and go to Loome Learn for all other videos.

Dimensions: 4.45 cm H x 4.45 cm W with 1 cm Hole
Weight: 30 grams
Material: bamboo

Inspirations: Instagram & Pinterest

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