Willysphere Sand shapers, tool to make sand sculptures

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With Sand Shapers children and their parents can make beautiful sculptures of sand and snow.
With the easy to use scrapers you can built a castle on the beach, a turtle or other sculptures.
Just turn your sandshaper around in a circle and make everythibg you want out of these spheres.

Are you on a winterholiday in the snow? With Sandshapers you get the best snow sculptures.

Also very good to uses in the sandbox, or sand table at school.
The sandshaper is suitable for all ages

Each shaper has its own size. You can create spheres of different sizes and your imagination can be endless to invent your own sculptures. Make a spider, a ladybird, a turtle or a large castle

Our experience is that a lot of children and their parents love our sandshaper and found out it is really a must have for days spending on the beach. We have already received many enthusiastic reactions.

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