Neptune Mosaic

Neptune Mosaic is a company known for its beautiful mosaics. They make beautiful wall decorations, bathrooms, mirrors, tables and much more! The company has released a line for children, youth and adults to be creative with mosaics.

Creating a mosaic is calming and inspiring. Moreover, it is nice to make something, to be busy with the hands and to work with natural material. To make the mosaics accessible to everyone, a beautiful line has been released. Something for everyone. In the meantime, ImmenZ has translated a part of the range into Dutch and we are making it available to your customers.

Mosaibox is a cleaner package, where gluing of natural stones is sufficient to fill the list. With mosaiKit you will get to know the original mosaics. Cast your artworks and finish it so that you can hang it on the wall, or turn it into something else beautiful.

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