Geobender Geocube

Mix 12 GeoCubes in 4 designs: Primary, Surfer, Nautilus and Abstract

Geobender is a magnet puzzle in a square with which many geometric shapes can be made. Each GeoCube consists of 12 magnetized pyramids that are connected via hinges. Thanks to the hinges, the GeoCube can be transformed into various forms. It can be locked in these shapes by the magnets. In addition, the magnets ensure that the Geobender cubes can be used in combination with each other to build more complex geometric shapes.

From 8 years old

What is a GeoBender®?
1 cube, open at 2 corners, 12 pyramids, 12 connections, 36 magnets, 72 transformations
Material: plastic - size 6 x 6 x 6 cm - weight 105 g

The GeoBender® looks like a simple cube at first sight - but don't be fooled - it contains more than you would expect. It takes some practice to understand the possibilities and necessary changes or transformations of this unique magnetic 3D puzzle. You will find that as the owner of a GeoBender® you will surprise and surprise your friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues. Simply bringing the cube back to its original cube shape after a few transformations is a real challenge for many people. The GeoBender® will fascinate you - but sometimes it can make you desperate. Each cube is delivered in an individual packaging box and with a multilingual concise manual.

What is special about the GeoBender®?
It combines the characteristics of some of the most successful game ideas, such as - the composition of different building blocks - the versatility of magnetic toys - the challenge of different spinning puzzles and magic cubes - the variety of a Tangram - And as a special feature - the unique possibility to also combine 2 or more cubes in multiples of 4 to create endless, highly complex, beautiful 3-dimensional art objects

Not suitable for children under 3 years old, suffocation from small parts. Recommended age 8 years Magnets can cause serious damage or even death if swallowed. People with a pacemaker must always keep a sufficient distance from the magnet. Magnets do not belong in the hands of children.

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