Lepale Lepale Malawi, enjoy working in your garden!

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The pleasure of having a garden! With this toothed shape, this palette has been designed and created specially to eradicate troublesome weeds or regenerate the garden. You won't be able to live without it.
Malawi with it's 5 pointed structure is ideal for growing vegetables in your garden as well as beautifying your garden with magnificent roses and colourful tulips. Achieving this has never been so quick and convenient

This version has been especially created using high-strength noble metals: with AISI 304 stainless steel, it is completely rust-proof, ensuring you have a product that is durable, whilst laboratory tests on the benches have demonstrated its high mechanical resistance.
Weight: 488 gr
Width: 86 mm
Length: 160 mm
Liquid capacity: 0.4 dl
Solid capacity: 0.65 dm³
Lever: 104 kg
Material: INOX AISI 304

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