Lepale Lepale display 12 shovel for kids 3 different colors

Article number: LP.LPK.07.dis
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The shovel 'Alina' from Lepale is ideal in the sandbox or the water table and in the veggie garden.

Why do difficult if you can do easy. Make your own adventure and use tools that are easy to hold, and also very nice to work with. This shovel is ideal for digging or building sandcastles. Even gardening will be quite easy, and you can shovel water into your scoop. Digging, towards you, is the most common way and yet we usually do it the other way around. This shovel is designed in such a way that breaking is virtually impossible. In addition, Lepale offers a 3-year guarantee.

Please note, the colors are currently 4 x yellow, 4 x blue, 4 x green. Supplied with a display and 12 individual packaging boxes unfolded.  Red, rose and orange are currently not available!
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