Marbushka HUH, what's in the garage

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Somewhere in the world there lives a purple-haired monster. You might have already heard tales about his sister who travels from wardrobe to wardrobe. Our purple friend tagged along with his sister for a while, until he realized that clothes are just not his thing. He emerged from the wardrobe and left his sister sighing among the garments. He left the house through the garage, we know that he has been there from the mess he leaves behind. Sometimes, that is why the adults can't find their tools even when they are absolutely sure that they put them back in their place the day before. Can you remember where everything is in the garage?

Description: from 5 years, for 2-4 players
Duration: 20 minutes
Size box: 21x21 cm, cards: 10x7 cm and 10x14 cm
Contents: 40 tool cards, 10 garage cards
Multi-language game rules in PDF

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