Soft flying disc, Fairtrade, made of textile

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These particular frisbees, which resembles Reggae hats, are crocheted and unique in color and pattern.

The beauty of this product is that they are Fair Trade. They are hand-crocheted by women Mayan Indian weavers from the Highlands of Guatemala. As a result, they are unique and the sizes may differ a little from each other. The women have extra income to meet their primary needs and to raise their children.

These frisbees are not only fun, but also very useful. Because they are made of textile, you can throw them anywhere, without risking any hurt. That's why they are ideal for playing at the beach, festivals, parties, business trips and just on the streets. They fly like any other frisbee, so it is a overall better choice to use them instead of the synthetic or plastic ones!

Children find them fantastic because they are easy to catch and also easy to throw.
Furthermore, they are hip, great fun, cool, and durable as opposed to plastic frisbees. In addition, you put them in your jeans and jacket pocket or backpack.

So take note when ordering, they are all unique!

Cleaning instructions: 100% cotton, so wash gently in cold weather and air dry them.
Product is tested lead free

age: 3 years and older
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playtime: various
number of players: minimum 2 players
Type of game: Outdoor play
Country of origin: Guatamala
available languages: English
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