Taleswapper EN - 360 Stories - a cooperative story game. English version

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This is the English version of 360 Stories

360 Stories is suitable for high school students , expatriates, native speakers , educational purposes, teachers, coaches and everyone who lives and works with English native speakers or anyone who wants to learn the Engish language.

This game is very popular for customers who want depth in a game and who would like to play a game with family, friends, neighbors or colleagues and yet want relaxation through cooperation, communication and understanding. This game meets these requirements and in 2015, it was a remarkable best selling game in it's first year.

This game actually belongs in any bookstore or game/toy shop. Also, a special game to put in a gift shop. Furthermore great for therapists, coaches, employers, managers, teachers and others who are involved in coaching and personal growth

About the Game
360 Stories is a game without winners or losers. A game just for two or for a large group. You can play it for an hour or all night long 360 Stories is an invitation to rekindle lost memories and swap tales together. Stories from a distant past, from the present or somewhere in between. Trivial stories or deeply emotional events. You can keep it light-minded or go very deep: you decide what story you tell.

Everyone has a story to tell. Personal, funny, moving, poignant, educational stories: we all have them. A good story, a real story, inspires. People that hear each other stories, understand each other better. And by telling, often you gain a better understanding of yourself. Play 360 STORIES and share your stories.

age: 10+
Author: Wilma Mulder
Illustrator: Hanneke van der Pol
Size: 310 x 310 x 58
Weight: 910
MSRP: € 39,95
Number of pages or cards: content: dices, gameboard, spinner, age play card
playtime: 1 hour or all night long
number of players: > 2 players and groups
Type of game: Story telling game
Country of origin: The Netherlands
Publisher: Taleswapper
available languages: Dutch, English and german version
Label or price received: -
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