Natural Earth Paint Bulk packaging for 4 liters of ecological paint blue

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With the bulk packaging children's paint (capacity 650 grams) you make, depending on whether you want to make a more watercolor-like paint or a thicker (finger) paint (tempera), around four liters of water paint.

The children's paint is of course also very useful for any other hobbyist or artist who uses watercolors. The paint is just like the other paint powders of Natural Earth Paint pure mineral pigment. Minerals from the earth have warm special and real natural colors and are found all over the world.

this gives you a pure nature, beautiful coloring, quick-drying paint. And the latter is of course ideal if you do not want to have to wait too long for your painting to dry up!

Natural Earth Paint Children's Paint is easily washable from your hands, washable from clothing at low temperatures. Preferably wash it out immediately and do not let it dry for too long.


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