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Papoose Toys® creates felt toys, decorations, and educational toys using only natural materials such as wool, cotton, and wood. The wool products are made under Fair Trade conditions. All this hard work and expertise allows them to bring you safe and wholesome products designed for a safe and happy play experience.

Renske Carbone, the founder of Papoose Toys®, feels a lifelong passion for textiles and craft and designed these unique and original products.

The toys are from wonderful Nepalese families who make these functional and beautiful products. From role play with food and puppets to counting and reading, children of all ages will learn, grow, and imagine. From thousands of miles away, it is always comforting to discover that children may be of different and diverse cultures but all seem to play the same way.

Raed more about the philosofy of Papoose Toys

Papoose Toys was created as a brand by Renske Carbone for her main company CoA Colours of Australia.
CoA was started back in 1990, hand painting scarves, homewares and children’s products.

In 2006 the label Papoose Toys was started with a small collection of hand felted items. This range grew very fast and has now morphed into an extensive collection of not only pure wool items but also other natural material resources. Papoose Toys stands for mainly hand made products, from natural materials that are carefully sourced for their sustainability. Our focus is to supply our customers with durable, original, and unique educational resources made from natural materials such as wool, cotton and wood.


Wool is a very safe material, obviously renewable. Wool has many beneficial characteristics such as fire and moisture retardant, mildew, and mould resistant, hypoallergenic, durable.

No mulesing.

Our wool is mainly sourced from New Zealand where mulesing has been phased out since 2007, and since 2018 it has been banned by law. Although mulesing was done to protect sheep it was a cruel procedure and consumers have been demanding this change.


A word on dyes: sometimes the term “Natural” dyes is used but as a die-hard dyer from way back who has done countless hours of investigation and experimentation on plant dyes, I’ve learned that actual natural dyes, without the use of chemicals to bind the colour to the cloth, are not usable in commercial production. These are the reasons:

  • Colour will not last, natural plant dyes by themselves are highly susceptible to fading in sun and day light and are not wash fast.
  • To repeat a colour is in a lot of cases very difficult
  • Certain colours cannot be produced naturally

Our dyes are tested rigorously for safety, they are non-toxic and the best ones we can find.  They are mainly made in Germany and the USA.


We use several different woods and wood suppliers.

We use Alistononiya for our wooden doll bodies, Suar, Jempinis, Mahony, Wau and Teak for most of our products, as well as Beech for our machined items. We work with A Sri Lankan Fair Trade supplier, as well as many artisans in Indonesia. We also work with a small family factory in China when we need precision machinery to make our products. Sri Lanka and Indonesia are great for handicrafts.


Our cotton products come from a gorgeous Fair-Trade factory in Sri Lanka. I am a great fan of the owner and the business; she has helped many women and men escape poverty.

The cotton fabric is hand loomed before being sewn into various products, this keeps the ancient skill of hand weaving alive and creates many jobs. The skill level of the machinists is out of this world and the products are strong, very well made and timelessly appealing.


We source open ended resources from various places in the world, always questioning if they are collected in an environmentally responsible way, renewable, safe for kids or produced with ethical labour.


After being introduced to Fair Trade in Bangladesh, I have always made it a priority to work with Fair Trade suppliers where possible.

Our Nepalese Felt factory is a registered Fair-Trade company, as are our Sri Lankan suppliers of both wood and cotton products.

In Indonesia we work with the artisans direct, many are a one person businesses that employ some local labour. Our artisans set their own price, if it’s not workable we don’t do the product. Registered Fair Trade in Indonesia is not common as the compliance is impossible to achieve for these small businesses.

To sum up: Papoose Toys are made from mainly natural materials with mainly Fair-Trade labour. We aim to engage children in creative and explorative play that teaches them many skills for their future. We have worked with the same artisans in Indonesia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka for many years, some go back well over 20 and we are proud to support them. At the same time, we help keep many hand craft skills alive, a personal passion for me. Our products are designed to not only appeal to the eye, but also to challenge and invite. Many of our products also look great as decoration.

Lastly, as many of our products are handmade, they can also be repaired if something does go wrong. These are not use once, then throw away items. We design our products to last, hopefully many of our toys will go from generation to generation.

If you have any questions I am here to help:

[email protected]


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