FabulaBox® is fantastic FSC flexible and durable toy to build sets with all your other toys. Fabulabox makes enhanced learning and makes it more fun.

Play is essential for children's development, but the majority of disposable plastic toys have little educational value and their production is a real environmental problem.

Fabulabox was born from the desire to invent exciting toys for children that are also useful for their development.

With the help of therapists, teachers, parents and especially looking at children, the crazy idea was to create beautiful models that combine freedom of construction, educational value, design and creativity in a new system: Fabulabox Dream-a-city
Our fantastic sets that are easy to assemble yourself and also easy to store away, make it possible to strengthen the most important lessons of all children from 4 to 10 years old in 4 phases (building, creating, concentrating and imagining).
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