Taleswapper NL - 360 Stories - a cooperative story game. Also available in German and English versions

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Selling Experiences
This game is very popular for customers who want depth in a game and who would like to play a game with family, friends, neighbours, friends or colleagues and yet want relaxation through cooperation, communication and understanding. This game meets these requirements and in 2015, it was a remarkable best selling game in it's first year.
This game actually belongs in any bookstore or game/toy shop. Also, a special game to put in a gift shop. Furthermore great for therapists, coaches, employers, managers, teachers and others who are involved in coaching and personal growth

About the Game
360 Stories is a game without winners or losers. A game just for two or for a large group. You can play it for an hour or all night long… 360 Stories is an invitation to rekindle lost memories and swap tales together. Stories from a distant past, from the present or somewhere in between. Trivial stories or deeply emotional events. You can keep it light-minded or go very deep: you decide what story you tell.

Everyone has a story to tell. Personal, funny, moving, poignant, educational stories: we all have them. A good story, a real story, inspires. People that hear each other’s stories, understand each other better. And by telling, often you’ll gain a better understanding of yourself. Play 360 STORIES and share your stories.

age: 10+
Author: Wilma Mulder
Illustrator: Hanneke van der Pol
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Publisher: crayon Rocks®
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